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New VIP antibody

Dear Sigismund Huck,

VIP (Vasoactive intestinal peptide) is a 28 amino acid peptide hormone that belongs to the glucagon/secretin superfamily. VIP plays a very important role in physiology influencing many functions including blood flow, cardiac output, smooth muscle activity, secretion in the digestive tract, gastric motility, bronchodilation and activity in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. In the brain VIP acts as neurotransmitter and is involved in rhythm generation in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. The affinity purified Guinea pig polyclonal antibody against VIP displays excellent performance in ICC, IHC and IHC-P applications.

The second antibody we want to focus on is our new polyclonal Guinea pig Vimentin antibody. Vimentin, a type III intermediate filament protein, is the major cytoskeleton protein in mesenchymal cells. In the brain it is often used as marker for radial glia cells.

Also new in our portfolio is an affinity purified polyclonal Guinea pig antibody against nNOS. The neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) is found in neurons of the central and peripheral nervous system, macula densa and pancreatic islet cells.

It is not always easy to find a working antibody for every target in co-staining experiments. We address this problem by providing antibodies from different species for many targets. To further close the “species-gap” for the post synaptic density proteins Shank 1, Shank 2, Shank 3 and the glutamate transporter EAAT1, we have introduced polyclonal chicken antibodies with superior performance in immunostaining. For DOPA decarboxylase, the second enzyme in the biosynthesis of dopamine and serotonin, we have a new polyclonal Guinea pig antibody available.

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Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed mouse brain section (hypothalamus) with Guinea pig anti-VIP (cat. no.: 443 005, dilution 1:100; red). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed rat astrocytes with Guinea pig anti-Vimentin (cat. no.: 172 004, dilution 1:500; red) and rabbit anti-GFAP (cat. no.: 173 002, dilution 1:1000; green). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).
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