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Answers to the Antibody crisis

Dear Sigismund Huck,

In 2008/2009, more and more studies were published which showed that the “silver bullet” of biological research, antibodies, got a stain on their splendid reputation. Major points of criticism are lack of specificity, poor characterization, and high batch-to-batch variability in antibody production. Even before this “antibody crisis”, Synaptic Systems has tried to provide you with the best characterization and validation of our products. Nearly 20% of our antibody products are Knock-out or Knock-down validated, and we strive to increase this ratio (so if you have a Knock-out model for one of our antibodies which has not been tested yet, please contact us at marketing1@sysy.com. All our antibodies are produced in-house and therefore we have full control over batch testing and quality control.

Also, we continue to introduce more and more recombinantly produced antibodies, primary and secondary, to further minimize any batch-to-batch variability.The new antibodies in our portfolio have been developed from our well-received mouse monoclonal antibodies. These recombinantly produced antibodies are now switched to a monoclonal rabbit backbone. The first chimeric antibody I want to present is rabbit monoclonal Synapsin 1 antibody, developed from the clone 46.1. Synapsins are exclusively associated with small synaptic vesicles which makes them excellent markers for the pre-synapse. Next, a rabbit monoclonal antibody against the vesicular glutamate transporter 2 (VGLUT2) originating from the 95E11 clone. This protein, together with VGLUT1, is the best marker for glutamergic synapses. Then, we have switched our famous mouse monoclonal antibody directed against Synaptophysin 1 (clone 7.2) to a rabbit monoclonal antibody. Finally, the last rabbit monoclonal antibody I want to present is sourced from our monoclonal antibody clone 248B7 that recognizes the GluA receptor family and can also be used in live staining of these receptors.

For a complete list of new products, please visit the News section.

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed rat hippocampus neurons with monoclonal rabbit anti-Synapsin 1 (Cat. no.: 106 008, dilution 1:1000; red) and mouse anti-MAP2 (Cat. no.: 188 011, dilution 1:1000; green). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).Image description

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed paraffin-embedded rat cerebellum section mouse with monoclonal rabbit anti-VGLUT2 (Cat. no.: 135 408, dilution 1:1000; DAB). Nuclei have been counterstained with haematoxylin (blue).
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