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Focus on "sweet transporters"

Dear Sigismund Huck,

The first antibody we want to present here, is an antibody against GLUT3. GLUT3, also referred to as Slc2a3, belongs to the facilitative glucose transporter protein family and ensures the supply of glucose to neurons. The expression of Glut3 in rat neurons coincides with neuronal maturation and synaptic connectivity. Also other cell types with high glucose demand as sperms, white blood cells and carcinoma cells show high expression.

Our new Guinea pig polyclonal antibody against the monocarboxylate transporter 4, also known as Slc16a3, MCT4 or MOT4, shows superior results in WB and IHC-P applications. This protein is highly enriched in glycolytic cells such as white blood cells, astrocytes or cells in the placenta. It has been proposed that this protein exports lactate derived from glycolysis.

We are also expanding our group of recombinantly expressed, species switched, monoclonal antibodies. Rabbit variants of 289C1 (anti-CB1-R), 68B7 (anti-VGLUT1), 58E1 (anti-Parvalbumin) and a Guinea pig variant of 95E11 (anti-VGLUT2) are now available.

To support researchers performing co-staining experiments, we have introduced new antibodies from different host species. A rabbit polyclonal affinity purified antibody against Synaptobrevin 2, a Guinea pig polyclonal antibody against Neurofilament L (NFL), a chicken affinity purified anti-Aquaporin 4 antibody and last but not least a mouse monoclonal antibody against Rim1 complete our portfolio.

For a complete list of new products, please visit the News section.

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed mouse testis section with rabbit anti-Glut3 (Cat. no.: 419 303, dilution 1:500; red). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed paraffin-embedded human placenta section with Guinea pig anti-MCT4 (Cat. no.: 356 405, dilution 1:1000; DAB). Nuclei have been visualized by haematoxylin (blue).
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