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Bringing Multiplexing to a new level

In multiplexing experiments it is often a challenge to find the right combination of antibodies originating from different host species that allow simultaneous staining of different targets. Usually it is impossible to use several antibodies from the same host species at the same time since secondary reagents will not be able to discriminate between the different primary antibodies. Now the new generation of NanoTag‘s single-domain secondary FluoTags offers the possibility to stain one sample with multiple primary antibodies originating from the same species, even if they have identical isotypes. The very high affinity to their respective target primary antibodies makes it possible to combine e.g. multiple monoclonal mouse IgG1 primary antibodies or multiple polyclonal affinity purified antibodies raised in rabbit in one multiplex staining approach. 
The protocol is quite simple and straightforward:


Currently we offer anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) which can be deployed as secondary reagents in multiplexing approaches. Using sdAbs as secondary reagent in ICC and IHC applications has also proven to have many other advantages like, e.g.:
  • they are 10x smaller than conventional antibodies (ideally suited for Super-resolution microscopy)
  • they display no clustering
  • they allow quantitative sample analysis (one target protein - one sdAb)
  • they are recombinantly produced - no batch-to-batch variations
All the FluoTag sdAbs have been developed and produced by Nanotag Biotechnologies.

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