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New Products

New mouse monoclonal IBA1 antibody with excellent performance

Ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule (IBA1), also referred as AIF1, is often used as macrophage marker in histology. In the CNS, IBA1 is expressed by both microglia and immigrant macrophages. Upregulation of this protein in the brain is often associated with a neuroinflammatory response. This new antibody from Synaptic Systems will give you outstanding results in ICC, IHC and IHC-P (FFPE) applications. 
Indirect immunostaining of PFA-fixed microglia in a rat hippocampus section with mouse anti-IBA1 (cat. no.: 234 011, dilution 1:500; red). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).
New polyclonal Guinea pig Olfactory Marker Protein (OMP) antibody

OMP is a low molecular weight, acidic protein found in the mature receptor neurons of the primary olfactory pathway. It is synthesized in the perikaryon and transported both to the dendrite and along the axon to the glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb.This polyclonal Guinea pig antibody can be used as marker for olfactory receptor neurons in IHC or IHC-P (FFPE) applications.
Indirect immunostaining of PFA-fixed paraffin embedded mouse olfactory system section with Guinea pig anti-OMP (cat. no.: 450 004, dilution 1:500; green) and mouse anti-beta3-tubulin (cat. no.: 302 311, dilution 1:500; red). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).

Courtesy: Dr. Felicitas Miller, Mouse Pathology, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig/Germany
New rabbit polyconal GluK1 antibody

GluK1, also reffered to as GLuR5 or GRIK, belongs to the family of kainate receptors and has been implicated in the modulation of synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity in both the CNS and PNS, but the exact physiological function of GluK1 is yet not well understood.
GluK1 may be involved in the transmission of light information from the retina to the hypothalamus. This new antibody will work very good in IHC applications.
Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed mouse retina with polyclonal rabbit anti-GluK1 (cat. no.: 180 313, dilution 1:10 000; green). 

PhRs: Photoreceptor segments
ONL: Outer nuclear layer
OPL: Outer plexiform layer
INL: Inner nuclear layer
IPL: Inner plexiform layer
GCL: Gangliom cell layer

Courtesy: K. Gierke and Prof. J.H. Brandstätter, Division of Animal Physiology, University of Erlangen-Nuernburg
Nav1.1 polyclonal rabbit antibody suitable for WB and ICC

Nav1.1, or Scn1a, is part of the a voltage-gated sodium channel that contributes to initiation and propagation of action potentials. Loss of function mutations in human SCN1A encoding Nav1.1 are associated with severe epilepsy.
Polyconal Guinea pig Alpha smooth muscle Actin (SMA) antibody

To offer our customers more flexibility in the experimental design, we offer you now our new antibody against SMA. This protein is enriched in vascular smooth muscle cells and so perfectly suited as marker for the blood-brain-barrier in IHC and IHC-P (FFPE) applications.

New recombinantly expressed rabbit monoclonal antibodies, species-switched from mouse and rat monoclonals:
  • anti-CD4 rabbit monoclonal antibody from our clone 78H9D2 (HistoSure product)
  • anti-VGLUT3 rabbit monoclonal antibody from clone 57A8
  • anti-S100B rabbit monoclonal antibody from clone 86D7E4
  • anti-Neurofilament H rabbit monoclonal antibody from clone 3A2D1
  • anti-SERT rabbit monoclonal antibody from clone 64G6
  • anti-Synaptoporin rabbit monoclonal antibody from clone 44E3D12
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